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The trusted place for massage therapy.

Cumberland Massage Therapy Center

"Our goal is to optimize your health with all natural techniques that support a healthy and organic lifestyle."

We know how to...


Listening to our clients is a critical piece in performing the optimal massage that’s tailored to you. We ensure that we spend the time before all sessions to providing you with our full focus, so we fully understand your needs.

With our years of experience, we understand how to not only listen vocally but to your body. Focusing on your body language and your breathing we know how to adjust and apply the right pressure.


Being a small business in the community, our focus is on providing everybody with professional treatment that helps them reach their health goals.

For many years we have developed loyal clients that stick with us not only because of our experience but because we truly care about their overall well-being.

Gain Knowledge

We have a variety of certifications and we continually look to fine tune our methods for the ultimate massage.

We don’t just specialize in one source of massage treatment; we have a list of treatments we specialize that provide our clients with the needed treatment for their specific injury.